Rouster Scout Waterline Descaler Unit Rouster Bout Waterline Descaler Unit
If you use water for heating, cooling, drinking, cooking, cleaning, or transferring from one location to another, you need a descaling system to rid your lines of scale and other buildup. A 1/64" thick scale buildup will result in a 40% loss of flow transfer rate through a 1/2" waterline.

You should consider our Rouster Bout for larger requirements such as plastic molding machines or molds, or our Rouster Scout for smaller needs.

And use our Rouster Chem concentrate for the safest descaling liquid available.

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Rouster Chem Liquid Descaler Concentrate
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Over the past few years, we have found that common carriers (notably USPS, UPS and FedEx) have become very inefficient, unpleasant, uncooperative, and unavailable regarding their delivery service, customer service, and pricing fees.


Our company has taken great care in producing our products, and we take extra care to package them to withstand the rigors of being shipped all over the world. Unfortunately, we have no control over how they are handled by the big 3 delivery services mentioned above. Our customers are aware that over the years we have been forced to use heavy duty cartons, bubble wrap, cardboard liners, sealed bottle caps, double taped binding and sealing, and mark all of our packages with "Caution" and "Fragile" labels in an effort to combat the steadily increasing torture our shipments go through to arrive safely at their destination address.


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We will continue offering any digital products that can be downloaded directly to you, our valued customers. These are still available online.


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