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Rouster Chem
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Rouster Chem is a safe food-acid based descaling concentrate that can be used on sinks, drains, water heaters, water temperature controllers, evaporative coolers, cooling towers, air washers, water distillation units, heat exchangers, boiler/steam generating equipment, coils, pipes, fittings, water fountains, auto radiators, tools, and more.

This product is mixed with clean water at a rate of 1 part
Rouster Chem to 5 parts water to become an effective solution for removing hard water scale, lime deposits, iron scale and rust from metals, copper, glass, glazed ceramics, fiberglass, rubber and plastics safely and quickly. It can be used by itself or in combination with most maintenance equipment including our Rouster Bout and Rouster Scout descaling systems.

Rouster Chem is safe for all skin types and can be flushed down any drain system (once neutralized). It also meets California Proposition 65 guidelines, EPA, and OSHA requirements.  For basic instructions of use, please click HERE.

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Water Line Before Using Rouster Chem
Water Line After Using Rouster Chem
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