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The Rouster Scout
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Rouster Scout  is a smaller, lower cost "cousin" of Rouster Bout 3. It utilizes the same powerful descaling powers and pump of the RB3 but uses a smaller 6 gallon tank and cart combination and is designed for smaller projects and smaller storage area with it's drop down handle and 4" casters. Includes Rouster Chem concentrate, our powerful, safe, food acid cleaner.

Rouster Scout comes with everything you need to get started, including the unit, the cart, 2 8-ft, 1/2" diameter, oil resistant waterlines, 115 V electric pump, return line filter, 1 gallon of Rouster Chem concentrate, and one pound of Neutralizer (for safely flushing used solution down any drain or septic system). Our warranty covers all parts for 30 days from date of purchase.

Rouster Scout is ideal for use on smaller devices such as water fountains, small injection molds, localized cooling towers, water heaters, radiators, and other smaller devices that do not require large volumes of water flow.

The entire system is delivered in a wooden crate (some minor assembly is required), ready to plug in and go. For basic instructions of use, please click HERE.

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